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Need a Speaker for Your Next Event

We do a 7AM breakfast and Marie came out to present Murder by Meeting. As you can imagine some people are still moving slow at 7AM but Marie came in and energized the room immediately!  We loved having Marie and cannot wait to have her back again!!

Bill Zens, Executive Director at IL Valley Area Chamber

Perfect for Your Team or Customers

Use us as a value-added for your business!

Whether you're planning an in-person conference, a town hall, a quarterly meeting, or a retreat, our team at Prime Alchemy can bring valuable insights and energy to your event. Our talks are also a fantastic value-add for your customers and prospective clients, enhancing their experience and strengthening your relationship with them.

Experience and Expertise

Why book one of our speakers?

Our team brings a wealth of experience with leadership roles across various industries, including technology, education, health care, finance,  manufacturing, and consulting. Our deep understanding of organizational dynamics and team processes makes us an invaluable resource for any event.


We are all about the PLAY!

At Prime Alchemy, our speakers are all about the play! We believe that the best learning happens when you’re having fun, and that's why we make sure our audience is always part of the action. Our interactive sessions are designed to engage, entertain, and inspire, ensuring that everyone is not just a spectator but an active participant.

Highlighted Speaker

Meeting Marie Geneviève

Are you looking for a dynamic speaker to inspire and transform your team? Look no further! Marie Geneviève Pawlak, Founder and CEO of Prime Alchemy, is a renowned expert in organizational health and team leadership. With a mission to create better workplaces where everyone goes home whole, Marie’s talks are designed to be witty, interactive, and deeply meaningful.

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