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Strategies for Virtual Work

The work we do provides us with opportunities to build robust human connections through game-based learning.  With the repercussions fo COVID-19, we have been ponding the question of how we can deliver the experiences that our community needs and expects in a virtual way.

I want to start the best learning happens when people are in the same room working, but there are ways to do this with remote teams.  We've have developed some great tools and programs to help create, build, and support virtual team development.  

Many of you have already been setting up your employees in a remote environment, and I hope it's been going well.  But as with everything, some steps and processes will help you continue this during this time of need, and if you need to do it in the future.

Despite physical distancing (among other impacts of the current situation), organizations and learners are experiencing a real need for building more reliable human connections. We would love to help you make those connections.

Each week we will be offering quick 3-10 minutes videos of tips and tricks you can use to improve your team dynamics.  You will find them in our blog post.

Sign up for alerts, and please watch your email as we will continue to provide you with resources that support your business and the challenges we face together.

The Prime Alchemy Team

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