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You know that to survive, you will need to learn how to create engaging online events, but You get a "tech headache," thinking about sharing your screen, responding to answers in the chat, creating breakout rooms, playing video, etc.…

Do you struggle to get your attendees to turn on their cameras, answer your questions, and actively engage in activities? Then, join us before it's too late! 

What If You Could Create Interactive Courses and Activities That CREATES REAL CHANGE - No Matter Your Niche And Even If You're Just Getting Started?

                               "There is only one thing that makes a  dream impossible to achieve the fear of failure." Paulo Coelho 

Week 1-Tech Quick Start

Week 2-Facilitation Confidence Ignited

Week 3-Creating Virtual Safe Spaces

Week 4- Virtual Content Design

Week 5 The Alchemy of Game Base Design

Week 6- Marketing like a Sorcerer (Internally and Externally)

General Admission is $697 

VIP Alchemist Tickets are $1000


4 Group Calls Sessions (Yoda™ time) will answer all the questions we didn't cover during the workshops.

Additional materials to help you save time in creating your experiences, like Zoom Sheets, Facilitator Guide Template, Producers Workshop Flow Template, Event Checklist, and Social Media Checklist

Action Guides of all the activities we will cover in training.

Alchemist Kit: Materials for the activities in training snail-mailed to you

Exclusive access to the Alchemist Community lets you check in with other facilitators, share additional resources, and support each other between the sessions.

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